Buy Hippie Powder™

For pricing and other inquiries about Hippie Powder™ please email us at with the quantity and colors you are looking for and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

-We ship 70 gram color packets as well as 25lb boxes of Hippie Powder™.

-Hippie Powder™ is made in America and is the highest quality premium color powder on the market.

-Colors: pink, blue, white, purple, orange, yellow and green.

-We are the #1 supplier of the absolute highest quality USA made color powder.

-We offer wholesale rates for larger bulk orders.

-We are the largest manufacturer of colored powder in the United States.

-Vibrant and we formulate it so that it DOES NOT STAIN.

-We can create exact custom colors to match your needs.

-We have new UV glow holi powder.

-Largest manufacturer = best price for premium color powder.

-100% SAFE for people and the environment and is non-toxic.

-We are located in Utah and ship worldwide.

-New premium color RED is now available for purchase.

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