gender reveal burnout bag for tire
blue gender reveal burnout bag tire
pink gender reveal burnout bag tire

Gender Reveal Burnout Bag - Peel and Stick Tire Pack

Hippie Powder
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Gender Reveal Burnout Bag

Discrete Black Bag filled with Blue or Pink Color Powder

Simply Peel and Stick to Tire

*We recommend getting a bag for each back tire for a more dramatic reveal.

We now have all 7 colors available to choose from. Many people like to get a random color other than blue or pink to use as a practice run.  

Burnout Color Codes:

  • If you order burnouts of multiple colors, they will be labeled with a sticker/piece of tape so you can tell which is which.
  • If you order only 1 color, there will be nothing on the packaging that would give the color away!
  • If the stickers fall off, you can use the number code to determine the burnout kit's color.
  • The first number indicates the color:
    • 1 = pink
    • 2 = blue
    • 3 = orange
    • 4 = red
    • 5 = yellow
    • 6 = green
    • 7 = purple