500 Pack of 100g Packets of Color Powder (50,000g)

500 Pack of 100g Packets of Color Powder (50,000g)

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After years of customer feedback, we decided to listen to our customers and get rid of the small 70g packets and only offer larger 100g packets of color powder.

This is for 500 packets of color powder with Free Shipping to the continental U.S. and you can pick your colors from our 7 holi colors offered on the site.

It would take 714 of the old 70g packets to equal the 50,000g of powder and too many people complained that they were just a little too small for their color powder runs and holi festivals. You spoke and we listened, so now they are much larger at 100g!

Other companies only offer 70g to 75g in each packet and you have to buy 2800 of them to get them to get their lowest price. Our 500 pack price beats their best price per gram of powder by 16%. We have the best price online for wholesale color powder.

Contact us with any question you might have - HoliColorPowder@gmail.com