How to Throw a Color Run Fundraiser Using Holi Color Powder


One of the most creative fundraiser ideas is to do a fun run with holi color powder. That is where we come in. Hippie Powder has supplied hundreds of schools and church groups across the country with wholesale color powder for their fundraiser.

Fundraiser Using Color Powder

You can buy bulk color powder online from our site where we offer the best prices and quickest shipping for holi powder.

To throw your own fundraiser using color powder you simply buy bulk packs of our 25 pound boxes and then some of the 100g packets. You give all participants a 100g packet to throw at the end and have volunteers throw from the 25 pound boxes as kids/adults run by each color section of the course. Typically you want to have 5 sections of powder being thrown. So with only 5 boxes and then a 100g packet for every participant you can raise good money. Charge each participant an entry fee and have sponsors for each throwing station. Sponsors love to have the colors of their brand be thrown at their station.

wholesale color powder fundraiser

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