Holi Color Powder

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Our Hippie Powder™ is the leading product of holi color powder for any event that needs bulk colored cornstarch. They are most popular for color races or holi festivals but many people are using them now for photo shoots, parties or city events. It’s a great way to make an event unforgettable. Hippie Powder is safe and made from food grad quality ingredients right here in the United States. Other companies have their colored powder manufactured in India and then shipped over. We cut out India and manufacture all of our product here in the USA so it’s safer and comes with a lower price tag than any other company.
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Holi UV Glow Powder
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You can buy a 25 lb. Box Holi Color Powder for $99 and Free Shipping!

Shop 70 gram holi color powder packets:

Holi Color Powder Navy Blue

Holi Color Powder Magenta

Holi Color Powder True Blue

Holi Color Powder Red

Holi Color Powder Pink

Holi Color Powder Aquamarine

Holi Color Powder Purple

Holi Color Powder Yellow

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