Gender Reveal Baseball of Color Powder

You found the original place of USA made color powder. We were the first to start making holi powder in America in a safe way and the first to create gender reveal baseballs full of your choice of either blue or pink powder.

Most people like to get 3 baseballs and have 2 of them in the color of their kid and the other one of the opposing color to keep people guessing a little longer.

We also sell 36″ black balloons filled with colored chalk (it’s actually not chalk, it’s colored cornstarch) for people wanting to do something extra at the gender reveal party.

Some people like buying the powder for exhaust pipes so when they turn no the car, it shoots out the color correlating to the gender of your child.

The baseball gender reveal isn’t the only sport we offer. We also have golf balls, softballs, bowling pins, footballs and soccer balls that we can fill with the color powder of your choice.

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