Is Hippie Powder washable?

  • Yes, it does wash out of your clothes, skin and hair. It is safe to use on grass as well. It is recommended to wear white clothes that you don’t care about getting stained because it can stain if it gets wet.

Is your holi powder safe?

  • Yes. It is food grade and the safest on the market.

What is holi color powder made of?

  • All of our Hippie Powder is colored cornstarch.

Is it toxic?

  • No it is non-toxic and safe for use by people.

Can I Order Online without Calling?

How long does shipping take?

  • We have multiple options for shipping. To save money on shipping it is best to order 1-2 weeks in advance. But for rush orders we can ship priority (2-3 days) or we can overnight it. Overnight shipping does get rather expensive for the buyer. For standard ground shipping expect about 6 days to get the product and it averages around $1 per pound for U.S. orders but that varies depending on where you live. Email us at HippiePowder@gmail.com with your address for exact shipping prices.

What Packages are Offered?

  • 25lb box full of 1 color (cheapest option)
  • 25 lb boxes of multiple colors, each in 1 lb bag increments.
  • 70 gram packets

hippie powder color cornstarch

Do you ship holi color powder to Australia?

  • Yes we do, we ship worldwide. The UK and Australia buy a lot of powder from us here at Hippie Powder.