UV Glow Powder

We now carry holi color powder that glows under blacklight. Shop our UV glow powder:

uv color powder

UV Color Powder


color powder gel squirt gun

Holi Color Gel w Squirt Guns

6 UV Gels and 2 Squirt Guns
-Made in the USA *Includes 2 squirt guns
-6 incredibly vibrant colors – and they glow under black-light!
-Perfect sized 6 oz pack with tiny nozzle so you can spray up to 20 feet!
-Add these amazing GEL colors to your COLOR POWDER event and you’ll get the best color pics ever!
-Works great in the squirt guns!


holi color gel uv-reactive

UV Reactive Color Gel


Color Powder Price List

Here is our price list on all of our color powder: Ships in 25lb. boxes of color, 1 lb bags or 70 gram color packets.

When buying in 25 lb. Boxes:
$3.49 per pound for 25-75 pounds of color.
$3.25 per pound for 100-475 pounds of color.
500+ pounds email us for pricing at HippiePowder@gmail.com

We will beat ANY competitor on price for USA made color powder!

When buying in 70 gram (~2.5 oz.) color bags:
$1.50 per 70 gram color bag when buying 1-49 bags.
$1.20 per 70 gram color bag when buying 50-100 bags.
$1.10 per 70 gram color bag when buying 101-500 bags.
$1.00 per 70 gram color bag when buying 500+ bags.

Colors Available for Immediate Shipping:hippie powder colors available
Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Green

*You can mix and match any number of boxes and/or bags for your order, just email us at HippiePowder@gmail.com and let us know what you want. We will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.

How to Order Hippie Powder:

-Simply email us at hippiepowder@gmail.com to order, or for any other inquiries. We will respond within 24 business hours.

Don’t know how much color you need?
We recommend that you have about 3/4lb. per person at your event.

If you need to break down a 25 lb box and have multiple colors in the box instead of just 1 color per box, it will be $6.50 per pound.

Get 500 lbs of color for $1,750 ($3.50 lb) with Free Shipping to the USA Lower 48. Pick up to 5 different colors.

500 Pounds of Color

Want pink or blue holi color powder? See our gender reveal powder

color powder for gender reveal party kit pink blue

Holi Powder Bulk USA

We are the largest holi powder bulk USA manufacturer. Here at HippiePowder.com we have the largest selection of colors and the best prices for large wholesale orders of colored powder in the United States. Our product does not mold like the color from India. Beware of any product coming from India because they do not have to pass the same safety tests as we have here in the USA. All of our product is safe for the skin and environment. Since we use colored cornstarch it never gets cross contaminated with other ingredients resulting in moldy powder which is common in shipments coming from India. Remember that people will be breathing this stuff in, so buy safe and buy local.
holi colored powder bulkholi hippie powder color

yellow hippie powder

white hippie powder

purple hippie powder

pink hippie powder

orange hippie powder

green hippie powder

blue hippie powder

Gender Reveal Powder

Want to have an awesome gender reveal party?

Buy our gender reveal powder party supplies

Color Powder for Holi and Races

packaged holi powder

Our hippie powder is the color powder used for holi festival, 5k races, fun runs and city events. With all our colors made in the USA you can trust that it is safer for you and the environment than other products coming from India. We also have a very short lead time with most bulk orders able to ship out within 4 days of purchase. You might have noticed that the lowest price you can find online for larger wholesale orders of color is around $7 per pound. Our prices for larger order drop well below that seven dollar mark so that you can end up saving a lot of money on your larger orders.
packaged holi powdercolor powder for holi

Shop all of our gender reveal powder in pink and blue. People use this to put into baseballs, footballs and smoke canisters or fountains.

Holi Color Powder

holi powder color

Our Hippie Powder™ is the leading product of holi color powder for any event that needs bulk colored cornstarch. They are most popular for color races or holi festivals but many people are using them now for photo shoots, parties or city events. It’s a great way to make an event unforgettable. Hippie Powder is safe and made from food grad quality ingredients right here in the United States. Other companies have their colored powder manufactured in India and then shipped over. We cut out India and manufacture all of our product here in the USA so it’s safer and comes with a lower price tag than any other company.
gulal holi powder
holi powder hippie powder
Holi UV Glow Powder
hippie powder header

You can buy a 25 lb. Box Holi Color Powder for $99 and Free Shipping!

Shop 70 gram holi color powder packets:

Holi Color Powder Navy Blue

Holi Color Powder Magenta

Holi Color Powder True Blue

Holi Color Powder Red

Holi Color Powder Pink

Holi Color Powder Aquamarine

Holi Color Powder Purple

Holi Color Powder Yellow

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