Color Run Powder

Where can I buy color run paint?

holi powder colors available
First off it’s not colored chalk powder or powder paint that is used in color runs like Color me Rad. The actual product is colored cornstarch and it is made by us in America. We highly advise against using an Indian holi powder because they simply do not meet the same requirements that we have in American. Our color powder is the absolute safest on the market and is made by food scientist with 100% food grade dye and cornstarch.

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70g color powder packets

These “color runs” are a category of events that have become popular in the last couple of years. They are not called “paint races” because that would be very misleading, as it is not paint that is used and nobody is actually racing, they are running for fun.

We now have gender reveal powder as well. Put the color powder in baseballs, footballs, golf balls, hockey pucks or anything else.
We recommend our colored smoke grenade bombs as well!